Sulphur Springs & Sulphur Deposit Soufriere

Half day trip, easy hike, approx. 1 hour walk.
Visit the sulphur deposits and the boiling sulphur springs above the village of Soufri╦re in the middle of the rainforest. Have a relaxing and healthy bath in the warm sulphur water pool (facilities: picnic tables, changing rooms).

Kashimouna Lake Coulibistri

Half day trip, middle hike, approx. 2 hours walk
Crossing two valleys and climbing three hills you might be able, with a little luck, to observe agoutis or even wild pigs. Then you reach that little jungle jewel, shimmering emerald green or sapphire blue, according to daytime and season. Hear and eventually see parrots and mountain chicken.


General recommendations

Good hiking shoes (plus plastic shoes for Sari Sari Falls)
Mosquito repellent
Small bottle of water (except on the way to Morne Diablotin, you often have the opportunity to refill with fresh river water)


All prices are in EC$. ( 1 US$ = 2.67 EC$ )
Prices are excluded transportation.
Transportation from and to the trails is provided on request and charged separately.
Some sites (Sulphur Springs, Middleham Fall, Boiling Lake) require a Site Pass, $5.30.EC per person.

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